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“The Quintana Events Team was thoughtful and fully present for us always! I look forward to hosting another event so I can work with him again!”

— Kellie Mullin, Bride

“Choosing to work with the Quintana Team was definitely the best decision we made when planning our wedding! Every other vendor we worked with was each so happy whenever we told them we chose to work with Quintana Events”

— Alex Trott, Groom

“Simply, amazing. They turned my dream Sonoma wedding into a dream come true. It was so much more than I could have ever asked for!”

— Michelle Gatti, Bride

“Quintana Events was great from the first planning meeting through the big day. Highly recommended.”

— Alexis Metko, Bride

“Quintana has the knowledge and resources to ensure a amazing day for the bride and groom. We felt confident and relaxed through the whole process.”

— Jake Adams, Groom

“It might be cliche to say that our wedding day was the best day of our lives but it really was. Every detail was 100x better than we could have ever imagined! The Team has such a keen eye to make things so wonderful! My Lead Planner gave us suggestions to make the wedding itinerary more efficient, flow, and run more smoothly. The day of the wedding, the whole team was sweet, accommodating, and totally there for my husband and I!”

— Desiree Picazo, Bride

“We are forever grateful for the passion, love, professionalism, and expertise of Quintana Events. Thank you for all you have done for us!”

— Chrissy Sonico Bride

“They expertly coordinated with all of our vendors to ensure everything stayed in accordance with the timeline and was set up correctly. I would recommend Quintana Events 100 times over to anyone looking for a wedding or corporate event coordinator!”

— Sophia Kunde, Bride

“Thank you so much for all that you and your crew at Quintana Events did to make our daughter’s wedding celebration such a spectacular event! Flow of the events of the wedding day was perfectly choreographed, yet felt natural. The vineyard dinner setting was beautiful during dinner but, after dark, it was like out of a movie!”

— Ceal Andersen, Mother of the Bride

“As the father of the bride I can assure you that the Quintana Events staff hard work, calming touch and wide range of contacts are invaluable in helping your daughter make her wedding day one of the best days of her life.”

— George Stevens, Father of the Bride

“Alex and his team are the only partners you want to help you plan your wedding.  You’re only going to do this once, and you shouldn’t be alone in wanting it to be perfect  – whether you’re hands-on, or hands-off (or vary between the two on any given day), they are professional, classy, and leave you wondering how they pulled off the impossible and made it look easy.”

— Rachel Proffitt, Bride

“Alex and the Quintana Events team are organized and thoughtful, and have the gifts necessary to run an event smoothly. Alex is the needed calm in the eye-of-a-hurricane bustle of a wedding or any event.”

Rachel Balunsat, Photographer

“Finding Quintana Events was a dream come true. I instantly felt like I had known the staff for a lifetime. They listened to my vision and helped me bring it to life. My Event Producer tended to my every need leading up to the wedding and on the day of. On my wedding day I was able to completely let go and he handled everything flawlessly. Hiring Quintana Events as my planner was the best decision I made!”

— Tina Suhrke, Bride

“Alex & the team were excellent!! I can be indecisive and he was always a phone call away and willing to help with every aspect, large or small. The staff at Quintana Events also know all the best places in the area and helped us find the perfect locations for our wedding, rehearsal brunch and my bridal shower. My whole family commented on how caring the staff was. Alex really has that special touch that made planning nearly stress free. We can’t thank him”

— Melissa Thomas, Bride

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Alex Quintana also serves as a Panel Member on WeddingIndustryExperts.com’s international panel of wedding planners and designers.

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